African colorwash…..portrait…

I’m down to the final 2 quilts.  This one, African Colorwash is 20″ x 23.75″.  I will also be sending a couple of the small Crooked Cobblestone pieces so there will be a variety of size and price.
I sewed a dark purple binding on the larger colorwash piece which I finished quilting yesterday morning.  I have about 1/4 of the hand sewing done.  I need to ship the quilts today.  I usually do a dry run on the packing so I know how many I can get into a box but this time I’m just down to the wire on all of it.  I’ll find out how many fit when I get this binding and the final 2 labels sewn on.


19 thoughts on “African colorwash…..portrait…

  1. How many pieces will you have in the show? Of course I love the Aferican Colorwash. You have so many different colors than what I have in my stash and I enjoy seeing what I don't have! Best of luck with the show and I hope you can post some pictures once the show is hung.

  2. You have put the rhythm of the country into your African Colorwash. Much fun for me, as I am scrolling back to see the posts of this past week. JJM

  3. How much of your grey/white dotted fabric did you buy? It is such a grand piece to combine with your fabrics. I will be looking for a piece like that in the future.JJM

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