Lunar Revolution…portrait……

I finished the binding on “Lunar Revolution” last night.  I did minimal quilting on it, just ditch quilting on every seam in the background and a line of stitching down the center seam in the dumbbell shapes.  I didn’t want anything to distract from the design.  You might be surprised how I chose the fabrics for this quilt.  I sent the fabrics away to be die cut and I chose a lot of batiks that I really don’t like that well, several that were fat quarters because I like full width fabric and didn’t want them in my stash.  Then to get up to the number I wanted to send I chose a few that I had larger yardage of that were more like favorites.  In reality it was just a strange assortment not really chosen to go together.  I was really surprised how well they worked out. That is how most of my quilts happen, very little planning on the full fabric range at the beginning.

Yesterday my blog was featured on the blog Quilt Inspiration.  They did a fantastic job of choosing pieces and parts of my blog and I am honored that they chose my blog for their post.  If you have never visited them, you are in for a treat.  Some posts feature quilts that have been at quilt shows recently, some are featuring a person, a theme or a blog.  They have days with links to free patterns.  Every post is colorful and inspiring.  I hope you will visit them today.


28 thoughts on “Lunar Revolution…portrait……

  1. This is a wow quilt! Turned out wonderful with lots of interest and movement for the eye. Batik fabrics just seem to work so well together, no matter what you throw together.

  2. Love this quilt. So modern. Interesting story about it's process. Batiks surprise me at how easily they play together.I follow Stitch'Therapy. Yesterday Debbie posted that you were featured on the QUILT INSPIRATION blog, so I read about you yesterday. A most EXCELLENT post 🙂

  3. georgious quilt. I think minimal quilting in this was the way to go/ I had one I ddi about a year ago and just ended up doing simple geometric designs because the quilt was busy enough on it's own.

  4. Wow, love this quilt and how you put the colors together. One question did you put it up on a design wall first with all shapes cut so you could move colors around?LauraT

  5. Another beauty headed for Ciel Gallery. Oh Wanda, it is absolutely a work of art.So proud to see you were selected on the Quilt Inspiration. Of course I left a comment there too. (*._,*)JJM

  6. I loved the great article on Quilt Inspirations. I love the choices that were made of your quilts they were going to show. Hope all is going well with you. Stay warm.

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