Lost my momentum……

I have lost the momentum from earlier in the week for my finishing.  I got this one trimmed yesterday and have it hanging from pants hangers to see how straight it will hang.  There is a little wobble at the bottom edge but I haven’t steam pressed it from the back yet.  I thought if it didn’t hang well it would have to have straight of grain facings.  It may still be the best way to go.
Meanwhile I switched to cleaning up the basement for Monday.  I had a pile of batiks waiting for some cuts.  This is the pile of clean up cuts.  Then I cut off a strip wide enough for my 2.5″ square die and a 2.5″ strip and a 1.5″ strip.  Then I folded the remainder and put them away.  One more table cleaned off.
On one of the sewing machine tables I had some triangles and another block for the flannel quilt waiting to be sewn so I sewed them.  I vacuumed part of the basement and then gave up for the night.

8 thoughts on “Lost my momentum……

  1. You with lost momentum = Me on a good day! And those slow days are the days where the brain is working on what great new thing to do next–just a little down time to process the possibilities!

  2. Like 'Donna' said, "YOU with lost momentum = Me on a good day". I could not have said it better, I so agree.Seems no matter what you post each, it gives us inspiration each day.The softness of your flannel fabric triangles shows in the photo. And sure looks exciting. JJM

  3. WOW! The quilt moves! It really does. I was wary about your plan to keep the edges wavy, but it has created this wonderful optical illusion–the quilt is waving in the wind while not moving at all.

  4. If you lost momemtum, it gives the rest of us a chance to catch up! I like the quilt, even if it has a slight wobble, I think that goes very well with the wonkiness of the quilt itselt. Very pretty!

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