One more quilted…….

I was watching TV last night and quilting.  I watched NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, and another episode of Doc Martin on Netflix and then the news.  It was just enough time to get the ditch quilting done on Wonky 4.  I need to come up with a better name for this one.  I have been thinking about calling it “Framed”.  I think one word titles are good.  Now I need to get serious about the edge finishes on this one and the one I finished quilting last week.  I will be home all day today waiting for the plumbing and heating guy again.  There is still air in the line and one section in the dining room isn’t getting water circulation. 


18 thoughts on “One more quilted…….

  1. I LOVED Doc Martin. Have you gotten to the episode where he and Louisa are drinking wine at his office? Don't remember where it falls in the series but it had me laughing for days.

  2. Love the quilt!! I am also waiting for the heating guys this morning. They called and thought they might not be able to make it because of the snow. I hope they do because our furnace needs a cleaning. Hope yours gets fixed too.

  3. Love "Framed", the quilt and the title. Also suggests a game board to me. When you make this series, are the outer edges limited to the width of the fabric, or do you cut lengthwise strips from your yardage? Great use of batiks! 🙂

  4. I love it when you say you watched your programs while quilting. Knowing you, and I think, the 'queen of multi tasking' could watch while quilting. (*._,*) I can only listen to my programs while at the machine. Another 'Exuberant' quilt in waiting to be 'Framed'.JJM

  5. Wanda you get so much accomplished (I feel tired just reading about your day!) Fun quilt–again! 🙂 I am coveting your huge table/sewing cabinet. What brand is it?

  6. I am interested in your quilting setup. I thought that you had a long-arm quilter but it doesn't look like that. Do you quilt all your quilts on a regular machine with the large table set-up? If so, how do you get them thought the inner space on your machine? I have a dickens of a time trying that with mine.Verna G

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