Some finishes………

“Circling Around” is finished.  I did use the border fabric for the binding since I didn’t want any distraction at the edge of the quilt.
I also finished the binding on “Fractured Star”.  All that was holding me up on these two was the printing of the labels.  I could fit 6 on a sheet of printer fabric and I only had 5 typed into a document.  I finally figured out the 6th one and got it done yesterday afternoon.  Two are completely finished out of the 6 I need to finish.  Two more are quilted however I may add a little more quilting to one of them.
I cut out 46 little gowns and 23 blankets for the preemie project at church.  We meet today for the first time this year.  It is easier to cut them at home on my large cutting table than on the smaller surface at the church.  The hospital said they would like 2 gowns in each layette now.  With double the work for each layette I’m afraid we will produce less total layettes now.  We only have 3 ladies who do the sewing.  The rest of them knit the hats and afghans that go into the layette.
We don’t get very many pretty sunrises or sunsets and being in town it is hard to capture them in a photo.  You can see we didn’t get the snow that was predicted.  Chicago has gone 324 days in a row without a day of 1″ or more of snow.  We haven’t even had an inch total out here in the boonies with all of the storms so far this season.


29 thoughts on “Some finishes………

  1. doesn't seem like winter without snow in the north does it – drought conditions are not easing up it seems – hopefully more moisture is on it's way. Our rain has helped here for sure but I found out my brother only 25 miles from me only had 1 inch of rain and they are in farm land and need a lot morenice to make those layettes for the babies – more sewers needed though it sounds like

  2. I love both quilts, especially the fractured star. It just has so much depth to it. Our drought contines too, but fortunately we did get some much needed showers last week.

  3. You are prolific! Way to get those projects done. Thank you, Thank you for sharing your solution to the blogger picture upload debacle! Hope they change it back soon. uploading to picasa web albums is a pain in the rearend!

  4. Great job on the finishes! Insteresting stat – 324 with 1" or less of snow. Have you ever wondered who thought that keeping this stat was important? How many days with less than 2" etc? I guess weather people have to keep themselves entertained somehow! Yes, I am glad I did all that walking! The sore muscles are managable now, I would not have been able to get as much done 5 months ago and 20 pounds heavier.

  5. Your quilt design is stunning, and the little gowns, super fabrics, do you cut with a roller or by hand? lots of work just in the cutting, I would hope more sewers come and help out .Cheers from Jean

  6. Both quilts are Purple Ribbon Supreme ! Truly just gorgeous.You and your church ladies making those sweet babies their first snuggly layettes. I know they are so appreciated. Cutting it all is so time consuming, the rest is production line fast. Enjoyed your photo… It does look a chilly, from your window.JJM (alias J~MT)

  7. What wonderful quilts. Love them both. If someone can figure it out, I will be happy to send our snow to you. It's messing with my building schedule. Can't move in until the garage is done and loan in place. All I need is about a week of above freezing nights and no snow. Any takers?

  8. It is shocking for me to see the ground like that this time of year in Chicago. II lived there as a small child, and I remember when the snow was shoveled, it was taller than I was.(Of course I was little at the time)It was even money if snow would still be on the ground on Easter or not. Your quilts are beautiful. I especially love Circling Around,

  9. Your quilts are beautiful. I imagine the parents and hospital appreciate the preemie layettes. I have never seen item that small sold in stores.We had a very warm weekend here in NC. In the 70s. Very unusual.

  10. Omgooodness that fractured star is truly amazing!!!!! It looks like each strip set was dark,dark medium,medium light,light and light light? Oh I feel a stirring to finally shake off my funky mood and get back into my sewing room…Do you use a server do make the layettes? Thank you so much for taking the time each day to inspire and cheer us up!! 🙂 amie

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