A productive day…..

I moved a few squares from yesterday’s layout and have the top sewn together now.  Some of the center squares are one way designs and the blocks are placed with the longest strips alternating from top/bottom to sides so no seams have to be matched.  It took some playing around to get them arranged in a pleasing manner while still keeping the blocks turned the right way.
I got these blocks sewn together into a top too while I was in the basement.  I washed a load of flannel for our church preemie project so I was down there babysitting my 38 year old washing machine and kept busy with fabric fun.  I also cut fabric for 2 friends and will be able to mail it out on Monday.

Here is my ‘find’ in the basement yesterday.  I know I was working on it in January 1999 and then had a health problem and gave up on the idea of doing it for a class.  It is machine appliqued with black thread and a blanket stitch.

Here are a bunch more background pieces and leaves with Wonder Under on them.  Below is the book that the project was in.  I have my doubts that I will ever finish this project.



22 thoughts on “A productive day…..

  1. Wow you were productive. I like the log cabin quilt top. The applique doesn't even look like you would be interested. I know to promote the cause of quilting. Our tastes change also. Have fun with your finds. Chris

  2. True, your lovely blue and green and quilt is not as exciting as the red, orange, pink and yellow. But I love both quilt tops. The applique leaves are very nice, but I agree with Gene. Not you.

  3. I love how you oriented the blocks in your log cabin … that sure came together quickly!The applique . . . perhaps it belongs on your other blog where someone new can take it home and finish?

  4. Oh I love your applique quilt (but then I started quilting many years ago because of applique lol). I think you should finish it! The square in a square is beautiful the colors shimmer.

  5. Another great weekend post ! Am I missing something…? All the seams look matched to me. And it looks wonderful. And the brilliant colorful blocks is truly a work of art.And your find of leaves…it has the quaint feel of days gone by and I love it. I am very nostalgic. I see it is 22 degrees in Sandwich right now and a 'Real Feel' of 9 degrees. (*._,*) How bout a true temp of 9 degrees it has warmed up since early morning of -5. J~MT

  6. I was reading an article today re whether we should finish all starts or whether some have a Best Before date. I have a few I can't decide on! Maybe the vine piece could be cut in half and made into cushion tops!

  7. It is so much fun to find things. On Friday, I found some blocks I made about a year ago, and then put aside. Now I will have a quilt top completed in a couple of days. However, I know I won't find anything from the 70's because I didn't start to quilt until 2000.Sally in St. Paul

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