Machine quilting again….

I worked on quilting this quilt off and on yesterday.  I’m doing it on my Pfaff.  I have only a few red patches left to quilt and then the border.  I ditch quilted the whole thing first before I did any free motion quilting.  I’m using Invisifil thread on top so the thread is barely visible.  Invisifil is like a monofilament polyester but it comes in colors instead of being clear or smoky.  It is not quite as shiny either.
Friday I met my friend at the new quilt shop in Yorkville.  For all of my local readers who may not have checked it out yet, here is a link to photos on her public Facebook page.

13 thoughts on “Machine quilting again….

  1. A Happy New Year to you! As always your projects are very lovely and inspirational.Thank you for sharing your results using the Invisifil thread. I hadn't heard of this thread before and after reading a few others reviews on it, I must check it out! I think it might be ideal not only for machine quilting but also hand and machine applique.

  2. That's very pretty; I have a raw-edge drunkard's path quilt that I've been quilting off and on -mostly off! – for a long time. I need to get that finished, lest the child it is intended for graduates college first. I have some Invisifil that I haven't tried yet, I hope to try it soon.

  3. Wanda, when you do free motion quilting on such a big quilt, how do you grip the quilt? Do you use quilting gloves? grab handfuls of quilt to move it around? I looked back to your posts about your studio — I love that Koala cabinet that your Pfaff sits in! — Christine

  4. I have never heard of Invisifil thread. I have always used monofilament thread and my machine does not like it. Where do you get the Invisifil thread. I looked it up on line and there appears to be several kinds.

  5. OMG ! Quilting is perfection. Great photo as it shows every stitch. (I always enlarge) How you can swing the quilt around under your needle amazes me. Of course I will have to check out that thread.J~MT

  6. When I have tried Invisifil thread, the top tension on my (Bernina)machine is really hard to manage, i.e. I can't get it to look good, even taking it down to almost 0. Do you have those problems? Your quilt has such a great selection of fabrics in it!

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