Solving the Blogger issue…..

A reader, Sewpokey, told me how to get my photos onto my blog so I’m going to share it with you.  Click on the Add Photo icon, click on From this blog and a line of writing appears at the top with a link to Picasa web albums.  Click on it and Upload is a button at the top.  You can now upload lots of photos at once from your computer and name the folder so you will know where to find them.  Then when you want to add them to your post, click on From Picasa Web Albums and choose the folder your photos are in and add them like you used to do it.  I add them one at a time and enlarge and move them with the left orientation and then choose my font and size and type my words.  Then I move the cursor down a line and add another photo and repeat.  This way the photos are clickable to enlarge and my wording is where I want it by each photo.  The photo above is a box of 2.5″ squares that I delivered to my lunch pal yesterday for the QOV group.  I cut for 3 hours Thursday night for these and some chisel shapes.
I cut chisels and matching size triangles.  I cut the chisels all face up for this design time.
Then I played with layouts.  This one is pretty neat and would work up fast.
I like this one too.  I only cut 4 different fabrics for the chisels from the donated fabrics so I’ll have to add another group of fabrics to have enough blocks for a quilt.
Actually they might be nice in the same quilt alternating.  This will be a QOV quilt.
Last night 2 of the TV shows I regularly watch had new episodes so I sewed binding on 6 of the mug rugs while watching them.  I was making the 3rd one down for a friend and got it into an addressed envelope and sealed it before I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo of it.  Maybe she will take a photo and email it to me when she gets it.

13 thoughts on “Solving the Blogger issue…..

  1. Your chisel cuts come across so rich and dynamic on my screen. I can see they are fun to design with. Love your weekend posts with much information and as always lots of color…. Mug rugs are supreme. J~MT

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