Reading, sewing…..

I’m almost at the end of my book (Winter Solstice) so I read for a long time yesterday afternoon.  Then I made one more mug rug start.  After that I spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out why my wireless printer wouldn’t print.  I finally uninstalled and re installed it and now it works.
2012 is almost over.  I need to make a collage of all of the finishes this year, and there were lots.  Then I need to make a list of what needs to be finished first, etc. in the new year.  I will also count the tops needing quilting.  Several are still waiting for borders.  It sounds like I need to make several lists.

18 thoughts on “Reading, sewing…..

  1. How funny, I was making a list of finished projects/quilts and a list of future plans for 2013. This time of year is good for reflection and direction. I'm going to check on the book Winter Solstice. It sounds like one I would enjoy reading.

  2. While I do have a few projects I would like to finish in the next year, I really feel like this will be the year I start more then I finish lol. I do need to look back and figure out what I did get finished this year though. And what new things I started, and what will be carryovers from previous years lol. Maybe I will work on that this week.

  3. And you even did some sewing…another mug rug as vibrant as the others. When I looked at all of them together yesterday (Saturday) I thought all those mug rugs would make an awesome quilt. Even though that was not their purpose. J~MT

  4. I counted my tops waiting to be quilted. Many did not have backs! I went to a year end sale and bought several pieces some at 50 percent off and some at 75. Now I have to start quilting some of the 18!

  5. I love the colors and liveliness in the fabrics of your mug rugs – what fun! Good luck making your lists; I hate to tell you how many lists I have in my sewing room, the kitchen, the car, and my classroom – yikes…BTW, how is your eye doing?Leslie 🙂

  6. I too, have started those lists! Just getting caught up on my blog reading, took a 7 day tech break. I love the 20 log cabins you stitched over the holidays, wishing you a very Happy and Healthy 2013. Thaks for all the inspiration you share on your blog!

  7. Your quilts are amazing! I have a question to ask you about construction of a colorful Barn Raising Quilt. (I have a photo). I can't seem to figure out how to achieve the color placement. I tried following your e-mail prompt, but it didn't work right. Might you have a moment to e-mail me, I'd be very grateful. I just know you can solve it with the experience and talent that you have. Happy I found and joined your Blog. (2nd year of quilting, 13 quilts finished in 2012)

  8. I am so happy to have discovered your blog!! The few pages of pictures I've looked at so far are a veritable feast for the eyes!And – Winter Solstice is one of my very favorite books! I enjoyed reading it . . . and then enjoyed listening to the audiobook . . . and will no doubt read it again in a year or so!!!I'll be back!

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