A morning of fun……

I don’t usually sew until late afternoon and sometimes not until evening.  Yesterday I went into the studio right after breakfast and started playing with my scraps again, more mug rug starts.  The first 2 were more like a crazy patch with some chunks, not just strips like the previous ones shown on yesterday’s post.
The next 4 had striped centers.
The last 2 fall into miscellaneous categories since I was running low on scraps.  What I didn’t know was there was another small bag of small scraps in the bottom of the Kaffe scrap bin.  By that time I decided I was done playing so there are scraps waiting for the next time I am inspired.
Here is the whole dozen mug rug starts.  The smallest side on any of them is 7.25″ and the largest side is 11.5″.
Today is the memorial service for a dear friend.  She was the leader of our church sewing circle and she used to work at the hospital where we donate the preemie layettes that we make.  She was always there for anyone who needed a ride or a pair of slacks hemmed and many, many other things.  I shared plants with her since she didn’t let her cancer treatments interfere with her gardening.  I will really miss her.


24 thoughts on “A morning of fun……

  1. Few things in life or more precious than a friend. I am so sorry you lost one of yours. The mug rug starts are fabulous. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  2. Sounds like sewing in the morning was just what you needed to do. So sorry about your loss-so thankful for eternity. Loved the designs in the rugs-think the chunky were my favorites. did I fix my no respond post problem? I am new to this so can't tell.

  3. You designed your scraps into grand pieces of art. Fun to see you were 'on a roll'. It has been a very sad year for loosing loved ones and dear friends for so many of us. We are in that age group now and I do not like it. Your friend sounded like a lovely compassionate lady.J~MT

  4. Good thing you had some fun today..and that is my favorite kind of fun…with your friend dying and all…It is true that it is our age group, but that does not make it better. Sending hugs from Charlotte.

  5. Very sorry about the loss of your friends. I pray each day that a cure for cancer is found soon because we all have lost so many loved ones due to its uglyness.You mug rugs are gorgeous. Those kaffe fabrics really make gorgeous blocks.

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