20 more blocks………

I’m piecing the last 20 blocks for the 6 x 8 block layout of the log cabin quilt.  After I took the photo I continued sewing and I just have one more strip left to sew on all of the blocks. I need to cut a few more strips in that length.  I actually have emptied out half of the Kaffe scrap bin while cutting the strips for this quilt.  I added some of his new prints in this group of blocks too.  I will work on the layout today while I do laundry.

13 thoughts on “20 more blocks………

  1. How wonderful your daughter's Ciel Gallery is featuring some your beautiful designs again. Charlotte N.C. is so lucky to be able to see your work again.When ever I want a refresher course of you and your quilts in person. I play your video again. Makes me feel like I am in the loop. (*._,*) Your grandson did a great job producing the video. I don"t know what happened to yesterday that kept me from sending a comment… just one of those days.J~MT

  2. I just read comment JJM , was she referring to a previous exhibition you had ,? if so , where can I find it .If you ever get around to doing a book please put me down for an advance copy .My patchwork is so different to yours but I would love to make a Wanda quilt

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