Baking day………..

I finally decided I needed to start baking Christmas cookies yesterday.  I started with the favorite in my family, chocolate spritz.  I will bake plain ones today.
Another big hit is the home made Chex mix.  I have enough cereal left for one more batch.
I took photos 3 days in a row of my red Amaryllis.  The second bud stalk is getting ready to open too. 
It is supposed to rain today and turn to snow late in the afternoon.  We have gone 290 days since the last snow and that is a new record for Chicago.  Maybe I’ll have a snow picture on my blog tomorrow……if the weathermen are right.


13 thoughts on “Baking day………..

  1. I have been cooking holiday goodies for about a week straight now. I will be soooo glad to get back to my quilting. I have show deadlines looming in the near future.Merry Christmas!

  2. I am doing cookies today – I have done small amounts already but I have not made the ones that are my daughter's favorites and I need to get that going. we are having horrible wind today and storms last night but came through now I just hope no tree branches come down the amaryllis I never did get any this year.

  3. Your amaryllis is such a beautiful colour – perfect timing for it to be opening.I'm going to do some baking this weekend but nowhere near as much as usual. We've got a storm coming, but am not sure if we'll get rain or snow.

  4. The weathermen were right about snow here a couple days ago; hopefully, you will get some soon.Love the cookie press cookies – they are so yummy. Yours look scrumptious.The amaryllis is beautiful. And it's the perfect color for you.Merry Christmas!

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