Sorting strips

I decided to pull green and blue strips from the box of Kaffe fabrics for another Random Plank quilt.  I have 86 strips which according to my directions to figure the size would make a quilt 64″ x 113″.  Since that is way too long for the width I’ll eliminate half the length of several of the fabrics.  I like random lengths so some will be left full length, some will be cut in half, and some will be cut into thirds.
Here are both groups that will make the quilts.  I have 72 strips in the warm colors.  I have cut a polka dot square spacer to use between those strips so I may eliminate some partial strips from that group too so it won’t end up too long.
I have double vision right now from the surgical procedure.  They have to stretch the muscles holding the eye in place to turn the eye to implant the radioactive seeding (and will be doing it all over again on Tues to remove the seeding) and it takes awhile for the muscles to recover.  According to reliable sources on the internet that could take up to a few months for the worse case scenario.  I am praying that mine will recover sooner.  Since my eye is covered with the lead patch right now it won’t be a problem until next week.

22 thoughts on “Sorting strips

  1. I thyroid eye disease and went thru multiple eye procedures, the last to adjust the eye muscles—many years ago. This was an extreme case…..It was to correct the double vision, and it took several months for the brain to adjust after the muscles healed. So yes, be assured the vision will correct itself given time. Best advise is to rest and not strain the eyes. Our bodies are wonderfully made and with wonder they do correct and recover. Hugs and prayers.

  2. I hope the double vision goes away soon. but if it doesn't, don't despair. I've had it all my life, and I can quilt and sew and thread needles: it's quite possible!

  3. Random Plank is going to be one 'Snazzy' quilt.Sorry to learn you now have to cope with double vision. I do hope it will disappear quickly after the seeding is removed. I know you do too. To suggest you rest more is like talking to a quilt. (*._,*) Your day would be so long if you didn't play with some fabric. I'm sure Tuesday just will not come fast enough, for you.J~MT

  4. Wanda, seems like your recovery is making progress. Aren't we fortunate that we have our quilting and the like to keep our hands and minds occupied during times of stress. I believe the more Positive Thoughts and actions we take during times of stress makes the outcome faster and easier.Positive Thoughts and Energieslots of lovehugGerry

  5. Wanda – I'll be keeping you and your dad in my prayers. I'm always amazed at your quilting and wonderful eye for color. So sorry that eye is troubling you. I'm doubly impressed that you can do anything quilt-related at this time. I hope it gives you a nice diversion and some relaxation!

  6. Both sets of fabric are just beautiful. I can hardly wait to see them all sewn together. Then I'll be waiting to see what else you do to them. I'm just always intrigued to see what you'll do next! You continually inspire me.

  7. I am praying that your double vision will pass soon. At least you are keeping busy and passing time until your vision is good again. Love the colors for your next quilt. How's Dad doing?

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