Basting, quilting………

I hand basted this Kaffe cross quilt because I want to ditch quilt it on my Pfaff using the diagram in Kaffe’s book.
Earlier in the day yesterday I loaded this quilt on my longarm.  I didn’t think I would quilt it last night but with the extra hour in the day (because of the time change) I had plenty of time to do it.  I just wanted a large meander on this one so it would stay nice and soft.  I had forgotten how hard it is to do the large meander.  I want to move the machine too fast and it overrides the stitch regulator and I get longer stitches on the curves.  I really had to concentrate to go slower.  You can see the whole top here and some in progress photos here and here.  It is 73″ x 95″.
 More pretty blooms.  I have 4 different colors blooming currently.


20 thoughts on “Basting, quilting………

  1. I love what you do with the vanilla and soft floral fabrics – quietly elegant and very sure of themselves.I don't think I've ever seen such pretty cactus photos. How much fun for you to have them blooming there in your house!

  2. Kaffe quilt….yum!!I enjoyed my 'extra hour' too…..over did a little though!The soft quilt is in such contrast to your others, but I like soft too, I'm pretty eclectic on quilts.Your cactus blooming is beautiful! I have one of my 4 orchids with a long shoot shooting out that I'm hoping will be blooms. These darn orchids are soooo hard to get to bloom!

  3. Always one big project after another. Ditch quilting on your Kaffe cross piece will add to the beauty of this piece. I love ditch quilting. And OMG Wanda, I had forgotten about the quilt you posted on your long arm, I too had to go back and look at again. And I did send in a comment in '09'. I LOVE this quilt, the soft colors, and the rhythm of the design is so Victorian. J~MT

  4. I bet it's going to be great fun quilting the Kaffe cross quilt. A question about hand basting…do you machine quilt over it and pull it out later? Or must you stop and take the basting out as you go?

  5. That going slower thing is something I am struggling with. I have decided that I can blame the DVD's I have where they stitch in fast forward after telling you how it is done. I want to stitch in fast forward, too, but it just doesn't work well, does it?

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