Another new project……….

I got out one of my Grab bags for Crazies (click here to see photo)  and layered a bunch and sliced them, then did another group and sliced at a different spot.  Then I sewed in the skinny strip. 
I started cutting 6″ squares out of them lining up the insert along a line of the ruler (pile on the right).
Then it was play time. I have 32 squares so I can make a wallhanging 4 across by 8 down, 23″ x 44″ approximately.
I’ll play with layouts after I get home from Chicago for my appointment with the person who will schedule the surgical procedure for my eye.
This is a quilt top that my friend Rosemary brought to the art quilters gathering yesterday.  You might remember I helped her baste another one that was similar.  She makes the squares and her daugher who will get the quilt determines the layout.  We will be basting this one soon.

19 thoughts on “Another new project……….

  1. So clean and modern, nicely done. I never heard of Crazys before reading an older post you wrote about sorting them during a yard sale. Thanks for the reminder – I really want to order some. Best of luck with your surgical procedure on your eye

  2. Very creative use of the grab bag! Rosemary's quilt is stunning! I love making string quilts and all of that color is right up my alley. Love it!You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Wanda!

  3. My goodness. This new solid quilt does not look like you AT ALL. :)But I love it. I always have those Cherrywood fabrics in the back of my mind, but never quite get to buying some.

  4. Something quite new! Did not expect you to try something like this. Now will you modify it in a traditional direction? I hope not. The irregularity in it seems so right.

  5. Such simple procedure … But WOW what a statement those blocks make ! Never would have thought of doing that, I think I could tackle a piece like that. Rosemary's quilt top is amazingly beautiful.J~MTI too continue my thoughts and prayers for you.

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