A ‘keep busy’ day………..

Yesterday I just needed to keep busy so I wouldn’t think about my appointment today.  I cut batting for this random plank (also known as jelly roll race) quilt top and the backing fabric is at the left.  It isn’t a batik but looks great with the colors in the quilt. 
The crosses quilt is 48″ square so I knew I needed to add a strip to the width for the backing. I had a long strip of the fabric at the left that was a leftover from another quilt and I also had a larger chunk of it to cut the main piece from.  I sewed it together and it is ready to baste.  I will do this one on my Pfaff because I want it ditch quilted and there is a continuous line diagram in one of Kaffe’s books.
I went through 3 boxes of miscellany in the basement too and filled a garbage bag with useless stuff.  It feels good to see some empty boxes.


32 thoughts on “A ‘keep busy’ day………..

  1. I've been doing lots of cleaning up and thowing out, too – I know it's traditionally a "spring cleaning" project, but I tend to get the urge more in the fall. Feels good to clear the path!Will keep thinking about you today, Wanda!

  2. Thoughts, wishes and hugs to you today, your time. Love the strips and the colours, your passion for quilting shows so much in every fabric selection and the end result, they always, always look absolutely wonderful. Greetings from Jean

  3. Oh, I like that 'plus' quilt ! Gorgeous !Hey, great news on the deboxing ! I cleaned out the drawer under the t.v. today……..now it will actually close !

  4. I think I got this comment thing figured out. It has taken me two days but I finally slowed down long enough to read all the data.Random plank looks so pretty Wanda. The crosses are so vivid and of course exuberant fabrics. So hope your appointment was better than you were told. J~MT

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