Doll quilts…….

I finished the 2 little doll quilts last night while I was watching TV.  They are for Debbie for her Christmas project.  Ugh, I just realized I made them 2″ too narrow.  I’m going to send them anyway and maybe they can go in the bottom of the cradles.  Sorry Debbie, I guess I wrote down the wrong size when I took the note to my studio.
I flipped one over so you can see the backing I used.  So many times when making a baby quilt it has to be unisex and I end up with all of these cute girly prints that I can’t use in them.

13 thoughts on “Doll quilts…….

  1. Oh, Wanda, what an absolutely wonderful surprise for a Monday morning!!!! These 2 are just delightful and believe me 2 inches does not matter for this project. It's the thought and love that does. the little ones will love the cute fabric and I deeply thank you.

  2. The doll quilts are so sweet! I started quilting because even it a quilt is not exactly the right size like a piece of clothing needs to be, the quilt can still be used!

  3. The doll quilts are as much fun as all the quilts you design. The prints are absolutely ADORABLE ! Especially the paper doll. When I was a little girl I loved paper dolls. Almost makes me weep as to how many years ago that was. J~MT

  4. Hi Wanda,Very cute doll quilts! Our quilt guild contributes to Santa Claus Girls, where members purchase a new doll and then make a little quilt to go with. These would be fairly simple and just right!I'm guessing that your frosted creams are topped with a basic buttercream frosting. Do you make about 2 cups of frosting to cover that size of pan? Keep warm!Vicky F

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