More thread on sale……

I walked to the post office (7 blocks) to mail some I Spy kits and continued the 3 1/2 blocks to the sewing machine store to see what was on sale on their last day of business.  The Blendables 12wt. threads were down to $2 so I got a good assortment of them.  Here is a link to the Sulky site which shows a sew out of each of the colors.  They are regularly priced $5.99 so this was a good deal.  I can also use them for edging on fabric postcards and as a decorative looper thread with my serger.
12 weight thread is quite heavy and you have to use a topstitching needle with a large eye to sew with it.  I want to use it for quilting like I did on this table runner.  I showed this one the first time in 2007 when I was first blogging.  I decided I needed a better photo than the one I took with my old camera.
This gives you a better view of the quilting.  I believe I did that one with 30 weight thread so the 12 weight will show up even more.

15 thoughts on “More thread on sale……

  1. Happy table runner… made 2007 and it is still a 'show stopper' !WOW! what a great deal on the thread. I don't think too many people realize the importance thread makes, whether it is garments or quilts. J~MT

  2. Than was a good deal on the thread. I recently bought a spool of Sulky, variegated 30 weight, to quilt a top. Very nice. I'm learning about thread weights. Didn't realize the smaller the number, the thicker the thread until this week. Oh well.LOVE your table runner.

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