My visitors….

Betty has returned home from her trip and sent me the picture from last Monday to post.  We are from left to right, Bunny, me, and Betty at the Bull Moose Bar and Grille in Sandwich IL.  I had met Bunny at a QOV sew-in last year and she dropped off some quilts that her husband has quilted for Land of Lincoln QOV  for me to pass on to our leader.  She and Betty have been friends for years.  Betty travels to IL occasionally so we made plans to get together.  They are true kindred spirits.  They knew their quilt books and the famous quilters as well as I do so we had lots to talk about. 
They brought me fabric…….because I don’t have enough…….do we ever have enough?  Aren’t they pretty? Betty works at Jinny Beyer’s shop and she brought me some of Jinny’s new fabric line.  I love the large florals from Bunny.
I’m baking 2 batches of cookies today for the art quilters group tomorrow.  It is so nice to get up to 50 degree temperatures in the morning.  Fall is here!


8 thoughts on “My visitors….

  1. Lovely post, great fabrics because surely you do need more. If nothing else its great to sure the large florals. I never thought about using those. I like that they had the same knowledge base as you do so there was lots to talk about! Nice to see you. *karendianne. smelling cookies from here.

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