Wonderful relaxing day…….

I had the best time with Bunny and Betty yesterday but the photo of us is in Betty’s camera and she will send it to me soon.   I had emptied this cabinet of quilts when I was moving it to paint behind it.  I decided I would just leave the quilts out to show to them, let the quilts lay in a pile unfolded for a few hours and then refold and put them away. I try to fold them a different way each time I return them to the shelf.  Then we went to my studio and then to the basement play room.  I think they decided I have a lot of fabric……  We went to lunch at Bull Moose Bar and Grille.  There is a tab with the history of the railroad car which is part of the restaurant.  If you are ever in Sandwich IL you should check it out. 
I made the last 6 blocks last night and moved a few from their positions in yesterday’s photo.  I think I need to take one of the darker ones in the bottom row and put it farther to the left instead of 3 dark in a row at the end.  I need to make the final decisions soon because I have these 2 design walls leaning against the washer and dryer and I need to do some laundry.

21 thoughts on “Wonderful relaxing day…….

  1. It would be fun to meet with fellow bloggers. Someday I hope to have that experience too.I really like the zig zag. I drew up the directions but I have another quilt I must do.

  2. love your streak of lightning quilt… just thought I would give you a different eye looking at it.. I see a lot of black/dark in the top right hand corner in comparison to the top left… just my perspective from viewing on a computer screen!! Love reading your blog..thanks!!Karen

  3. Glad you had a great day with bloggy friends. I don't recall that quilt cupboard from the last time I visited your house. It looks great. I have many of my quilt stored in a similar fashion and posted about it. It's nice to be able to see and appreciate them every day.

  4. Great cabinet for storing your quilts. Glass doors showing off all the colors. Every New Years I refold linens, 1/4s for even years, 1/3s for odd. Your Zig Zag looks great, maybe trade an orange block into the bottom row. Glad you had fun yesterday!

  5. I was just showing my hubby your blog, how you do everything yourself and how modern beautiful your quilts are. Your amazing, I hope I'm in as good shape as you are when I get older. Love reading your blog with my coffee :o) Amie

  6. Wanda I just saw the video on the right, HOLY SMOKES!! Your quilts are so beautiful and so are you!! I would love to make a day trip to see your quilts, I live in Nashville. How long will they be on display?? Amie…again :o)

  7. Love your cabinet. I am going to have to go to the consignment shops to try to find one. Your quilt is coming along great. I am sure you will come up with the layout that pleases you most.

  8. There is a grey and white block – 3rd down on the right – that doesn't seem to fit with the rest. The value difference isn't there. Since there are no other blocks like that, it doesn't seem right. Maybe it is just my computer, or the photo?Hugs

  9. Don't you just love to hear "I hope I am in as good of shape as you are, when I get older." (*._,*) Gosh dang it, where has time gone anyway ? Just absolutely love you newly painted room(s), The wood in your furniture are outstanding against those walls now. I have always loved the cabinet you showed today.ZIG-ZAG is is wonderful. Hey, I would just leave it against the washer and dryer a few more days and admire it. Unless you are out of underwear. (*._,*)J~MT

  10. "… need to make the final decisions soon … design walls leaning against the washer and dryer … need to do some laundry." That cracked me up :)Your wall is beautiful. So nice when friends visit. Zig Zag blocks are beautiful, Wanda.

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