A’s and B’s, wall to paint……….

It rained a lot yesterday and was so humid that I didn’t paint.  I made some more blocks instead, 2 A blocks and 2 B blocks.  If you are making this quilt and aren’t following Sujata’s wonderful directions, you are missing a lot.  She has the pressing and the flipping every other block in a row all figured out for you.  It is a dream to sew together (see yesterday’s post for my hand dyed version sewn together) with the seams in opposing directions at every intersection.
After doing some more cutting I chose 6 more pairs to sew.  Actually I got these all sewn plus 3 more pairs last night after I took this photo.
This is the easiest wall in the living room to paint and I will do it today.  I taped the ceiling line last night.  My Spackle was all dried up (from 6 years ago) so I have to go get some this morning.  I have 6 nail holes to fill, one outlet cover take off and the thermostat cover to remove.  When I finish it I will have 3 adjoining walls painted and I can move the furniture back.  The other 3 walls will get done later in the week when it cools off.
This is a little more accurate for the lightest color.  I took this photo in daylight but a cloudy day.  It isn’t quite as grayed as the color card so I’m wondering if the new paint will be slightly different.  I guess I’ll know soon.

13 thoughts on “A’s and B’s, wall to paint……….

  1. Did you start the third one? Oh I better watch out… These blocks are so fun I am going to have to start another one soon. Thanks for the shout out!Good luck with the painting the living room.

  2. I can see the reflection of your newly painted wall on the unpainted one. Your living/dining room surely compliments your red kitchen.Wish we had your rain… our whole state has fires in the forests. The smoke gets thicker by the day. Even though we have nice warm temps the smoke is so strong we can not open a window and have had to run air purifiers non stop. J~MT

  3. I love you painted wall. I wish I could paint the walls in this house but too many breathing problems. Paint always makes the house seem new again. It was a real steaming day today. Looks like it is going to cool down on Thursday. Happy Labor day.

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