Lots of things…….

I told you I had a visit from a blogging friend Saturday and here we are.  Do you recognize her?…………….Her DH was the photographer…………….

OK, we turned around………………….and it’s Julie!  She and her husband planned a visit to my house on the way home from their trip.  We had 4 delightful hours talking about fabric and quilts and tools.  It was so much fun!  Thanks Julie and DH for taking the time to come to cornfield country.  I unfolded several quilt tops while they were here so I spent some time yesterday choosing backing fabric for them.  That’s one step closer to finishing. 
I promised an update on the Streak of Lightning hand dyed blocks.  I talked to the friend I am making it for and she likes the look of the ‘hired hand’ quilts from the past.  They were long and narrow.  All of the blocks are made and now I just have to decide if the layout is done and then I can sew it together.


14 thoughts on “Lots of things…….

  1. Wanda,It is nice to see you and Julie in one place.The zigzag blocks are looking wonderful There is a flickr group called 'Streak of lightning' if you would like to add your pictures to that.

  2. OMG… As I scrolled down your Monday post, I was so surprised to see Julie's smiling face, before I could read her name… I thought she is a friend of mine too. They say everyone has a double and her double lives in the valley I live in and she is a very creative art quilter.And I must add, I have always loved your rusty/brown wall hanging.Streak of Lightning… great title for this piece. I can feel the 'charge' just from looking at it. J~MT

  3. Oh this is gorgeous with the hand dyed fabrics……mine is coming together with lots of scraps.Isn't it a fun pattern?I got my inspiration from Nifty when she showed her terrific quilt on her blog.Happy sewing

  4. Oh, wow!!!! Those zig zag blocks are amazing! I never heard of hired hand. Does that just mean long and narrow?And how nice to have a visitor (and husband) to share some of your beautiful quilts with. Good for getting the backings chosen, too. You are on a roll!

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