Twin tops, little flowers………..

I made some changes yesterday morning in the layouts and sewed the tops together before lunch.
The borders and backings are the same fabric.  I got the seams sewn in the backings and all of the borders cut. I started sewing the borders on last night but was too tired to finish them. One more day and they will be ready for quilting.  The question is do they go ahead of the 51 waiting to be quilted or just wait their turn.
I picked a little bouquet from the flowers in the pots and the Coreopsis in the garden.
This little sunflower was in the bouquet but in typical sunflower fashion, it started hanging its head which I guess is a sign that it is time for it to dry up.
Can you believe this month is 1/3 over already?  We had a day in the mid 70s yesterday, down in the 50s at night.  We had July weather in March and April, March weather in May, and now October weather in August.  Of course this nice cool streak isn’t going to last, up in the 80s and even close to 90 next week.

15 thoughts on “Twin tops, little flowers………..

  1. I love your bouquet. Are those dahlias?I don't know how you put those together so quickly! Are any of the 51 promised to someone? If not, I say quilt these and get them off to the recipients. They will love them.

  2. I agree you are a quick piece-er. Fifty-one to quilt– Wow! I sure hope they're all not queen size! ;)The weather sure has been out of whack this year, but although I'm enjoying the break from the 90+ temps, this morning it definitely feels like 'fall is in the air' and I'm not quite ready for that yet… of course at my day job we're getting in and pricing Christmas merch …ah the horror/reality of retail!

  3. Flowers are lovely….and you analyzed this year's weather perfectly! A complete mix up and I can only imagine what is yet to come. I say quilt the 2 and have them done….unless you want to quilt another first. I began playing with my squares and only found 3 fabrics that I have! Just love the assortment. Thanks.

  4. Iv'e been chiding myself all day because I have 3 to quilt . I love the quilting part but cannot whip up enthusiasmI love little posy arrangements from the garden . I'm so sneezy with hayfever today

  5. Twin quilt tops are perfect… I see where you moved the two blocks from the sides to the top of each quilt. And kept those two smaller ones in the same spot. Those boys will just love them. Did you select all the fabrics or did the person that ordered them bring in the fabrics?Your summer blossoms are just lovely.J~MT

  6. The quilts are looking good, and of course they should be allowed to jump line. It's all in what you want to do. I like to pick those little flower nosegays, too, to brighten a spot inside. And we're not even getting down below upper seventies at night – forget about the day. I dread going outside. Thank God for air conditioning, that's all I have to say!

  7. Playing catchup again. I love the twin tops, very cute and great for boy quilts. I like how the orange fish jump off the background on the blue…and the orange fabrics are gorgeous too.

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