24 blocks……..

Yesterday I finished sewing the last 10 blocks.  I had to move a third design wall over to be able to get all of the blocks of both quilts up.  I have the identical block designs in the same position on both quilts.
Then I decided to move 2 blue fish blocks to the quilt on the left and 2 gold fish blocks to the quilt on the right.  I’m not sure this is the final layout but at least I have all of the blocks up where I can see them together.
I needed to do something different last night so I trimmed the 50 crooked cobblestone blocks that I have made in the last 2 months.  I think I have over 200 now to play with.

12 thoughts on “24 blocks……..

  1. Love these two quilts. They will be treasured for years to come. As always the fabrics are sensational. And what a great eye exercise looking for the two blocks you switched to the other quilt. I found the bigger blocks right away but had to search for those two smaller ones. (*._,*)J~MT

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