Last block, binding, bloom……

I cut the final block out of the large print and then rearranged the blocks again.  I’m pretty sure this is the final layout and I’ll sew it later tonight.  I have an all day class to teach today.
I started hand sewing the binding on one of the small crooked cobblestone wallhangings.  I have to print a label before I can finish the bottom edge.
This is the very last bloom of the season.  I think I will re pot some of the plants that are crowded.  I bought the soil mix that is prepared especially for cactus.

16 thoughts on “Last block, binding, bloom……

  1. Hi Wanda,Looks like orange juice with lots of pulp. Yum!I enjoy seeing your cobblestone quilts up close and almost personal again as you work on them. They are so full of life!We just got a dusting of snow, but the temperatures were hovering around freezing so every little branch around is sparkly.Vicky F

  2. For the life of me I can not find the piece you added. I hope you are taking it with you to your show in June. It is a "show stopper".Photo's of crooked cobblestone and cactus make me smile. J~MT

  3. Two more very impressive projects. The photo of your orange quilt is impressive, but I'm sure it's even more luscious in person.I can't look at any quilt similar to your crooked cobblestones without thinking of your projects. They're so you!

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