Just one more block…….

I made 4 more 16 patches and 3 more tiny 16 patches and cut one more square of the large print. I could take the easy way out right now and add one more square of the large print.  But then I could make some more tiny 16 patches like I originally planned.  It is an odd size, 40″ x 64″ right now.  I might add borders to make it a little larger.  I’m ready to move on now that I know what it looks like.  You know, the attention span of a 4 year old…..
I finished sewing the sample for my crosses class.  I added 4 more rows on after class to make it square, 18″ square.  It will make a nice table mat.  It might be fun to add a lot of straight line quilting to this one too.

19 thoughts on “Just one more block…….

  1. "I'm ready to move on now that I know what it looks like. You know, the attention span of a 4 year old….."This describes me to a "T" only I don't "have" to do the cutting & sewing to get there!

  2. "Orange juice" ~ What ever you decide to put in the empty space will be perfect I know. Keeps me checking in just to see what you decide.I agree some straight line stitching on your cross piece will give it a good tailored look for a table mat. J~MTp.s. I do not have an 'ink blob' or a scrambled word to type in today … must be a new format ? ? ? to leave a message ?

  3. I think it's just that we expend all our concentration getting it to the point where we can see it. It's all downhill after that. Sometimes. Unless I mess up. Which I do on an annoyingly frequent basis.All that aside, both pieces are really pretty. I made a burnt orange last year that turned out pleasing me a lot more than I thought it would and you know I really like your crosses.

  4. I'm loving your "juicy" orange quilt! I used to hate orange, but it's winning me over the last year or so.Oh yeah, I've got that Quilter's ADD too. I agree with your statement about the attention span! Again, the bins and bins full of UFO's. *sigh*Your crosses are great too. I'm always a fan of blues and greens.

  5. My attention span is like yours. LOL That is why I always have a bunch of half finished stuff for awhile. I just get bored with doing the same thing. Eventually they all get finished. BTW I love the quilt. It's gonna be a nice day today!!!

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