A lot of quilting, a little orange……

I spent 2.5 hours Saturday night and 3 hours last night and I’m down to just 3 little strips that still need quilting.  I’m using rayon embroidery thread for the quilting so the shine from the overhead lights makes it look white in some places but it really is colors matching the fabrics.  I may have to wet this one to block it but I’ll try steam first.
I cut the 8.5″ squares from the large print so I could do a trial layout and see what I need to add to make the quilt a little larger.  There are 2 blocks of each combination except the printed tiny checkerboard of which there are 4.  I realized right away I wanted more of that in there.  I have only pieced one small checkerboard with 1.5″ strips so far but I will do at least 5 more so there will be 3 spots with 4 patches created with them and the large print.  I have one more set of strips not sewn yet and I’ll look through my fabrics to see if there are any more oranges hiding.
Today is church sewing circle so I cut out 8 little gowns from flannel yesterday and packed my bag.  I have a couple errands to do as long as I’m that far from home too.  It is supposed to snow toward the end of the day so I hope I get home before that starts.

14 thoughts on “A lot of quilting, a little orange……

  1. Quilting is super neat and Wanda oh Wanda!!! Orange is one of my most favorite colors. I have a special stash of it, too. You've just given me a great idea. Early morning inspiration! Lordy bee what a way to start a Monday. Yippie!!!

  2. Your photo clearly shows how much stitching you're doing with the rayon thread. It's so concentrated, and it gives a wonderful look to the quilt. I don't have a like or dislike for orange, but your growing orange quilt has definitely moved me firmly to the "like" side. How wonderful to see such a dramatic quilt come to life with a single color. Wow!

  3. The quilting looks fantastic and I love the orange quilt. I hope you make it home before the snow falls. It's a little after 5 PM right now and the snow has not begun. Let's hope it changes its mind. LOL

  4. OMG Wanda ~ That is a tremendous amount of changing threads and stitching directions. Just love it ! The enhancement it gives to this piece is priceless. And your "Orange Juice" is absolutely mouth watering !J~MT

  5. I have a question: Do you block all the quilts you make? Or do you only have to block them when they are closely quilted? I've been thinking of doing close straight line quilting on a quilt like you have done, but please let me know if I'll have to block it afterwards! thanks….

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