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Published again……….

Photo by Larry Sefton

I’m pretty sure this is the photo they used but I don’t have a copy of the magazine yet.  Two people have sent me photos of the page in the magazine.  The back story on this quilt:  I made the quilt top in 2007.  In 2010 Julie Sefton contacted me and wondered if it was for sale.  We agreed on a price and I sent it to her.  She had it quilted beautifully by Chris Ballard.  In March this year I was contacted by Joen Wolfrom to see if she could use a photo of it in an article she was writing for “The Quilt Life”, the magazine created by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson and published by Meredith Schroeder (AQS).  I contacted Julie and asked if she could take some photos since the only one I had was before it was quilted.  Her husband Larry has quite a set up for taking photos so he was up for the task.  They sent me copies of all of the photos that they submitted.

Here is a photo of the page in the magazine that Julie took with her phone so I could see it.

If you don’t know who Joen Wolfrom is, she is the ultimate expert on color and design and using it in quilts.  I have used her books in my classes many times as a  reference for use of color, value, etc.

I have most of Joen’s books and actually met her many years ago at our quilt guild.  One of my books (Landscapes & Illusions 1990) is autographed.

Joen’s newest book was released this year.  I’ll do a review of the new book tomorrow so this post won’t get too long.

Second September finish………

On this Neapolitan quilt I wanted to test a method of quilting with my longarm.  My machine is one of the least expensive 18″ models, not equipped like the fancy high priced ones.  I have a little gadget called a channel lock which I place over a wheel so the machine can only move sideways.  A friend who has the same machine told me it doesn’t work very well and I found out that is true when quilting this quilt. 

I wanted parallel lines with random width spacing between them.

The back is made from two of the fabrics that are in the blocks.  The 5″ strip that is pieced in hardly shows in this photo.

I couldn’t find a large enough piece of any of the fabrics in the quilt for binding so the search was on.  The pinks in the quilt have a slight peachy tone so most other pink fabrics just didn’t go with it.  I couldn’t find any browns that looked good either.

Then I found this piece that had the right kind of both the pink and the brown in it.  It took a half hour to load the quilt, a little over an hour to quilt it and 4+ hours to do the binding.  This was a tough batik that was hard to hand stitch through. 
It is 43.5″ x 52.25″ before washing.  I imagine it will shrink in quite a bit more in width when washed because of the style of quilting.

Next in line………….

I spent the morning cleaning off the rails and table of my longarm.  I tend to use it as a piling place.  I pieced the backing for this Neapolitan quilt, got out the roll of batting and cut off a piece and loaded the layers on the frame.  The machine is threaded; there is no excuse to not have it finished by tonight.

First September finish………..

This is one of a series of 5 that I made when I returned from my trip to NC in June 2012.  The only edge that is straight is the top edge.  The other 3 were left at whatever slight angles they had when I finished piecing.  I used facings on 3 sides and binding on the top edge.  This was quilted several months ago and has been waiting patiently for its edge finish.  Most of them have a one word name and I think this one might be Tilt! or Tilted or maybe it needs to be Falling In or Spiraling In.

I get questions every time I mention facings (and usually from a no reply) so I thought I would explain a little this time.  Place the facing right sides together with the front of the quilt. Then sew it with the facing on the bottom, quilt on top so you can follow the edge of the quilt, along curves etc. If there were curves or corners in the quilt edge, clipping into the seam allowance would be necessary to get it to lay flat when turned. Next pull the facing out away from the top and edge stitch on the right side of the facing through the facing piece and the seam.  Then it is all turned to the back of the quilt and pressed, which is shown in this photo. 

Turn the edge of the facing under and hand stitch it to the backing and batting.

The edge of this quilt required a deep facing, about 4-5″ to be able to stitch along the shapes on the edge and still have enough facing fabric to turn under and hem.  There were lots of places that needed clipping into the seam allowance to be able to turn it to the back.

Here are the four together that are finished.  I have one more to quilt and I think it may be the largest one.  From left to right the sizes of these are: 39″ x 44″, 30″ x 40″, 28″ x 29.5″ and 34″ x 33″.  Only the third from the left has all straight edges.  The rest were left wonky.

More auditions…….

My first audition was blue.  I thought maybe it would look good next to the gold cornerstones and contrast well with the stripes.  No, this isn’t it.

The next audition was light.  Hmm….let’s see that one closer…….  I knew I liked a dotty look since I liked the two that I tried 2 days ago.

It is creamier than it shows in the photo although the taupe beige in the background is pretty close.  This is tree rings by Martha Negley, another Westminster/Rowan designer.

Yes, this is the look I was after.  So many of the other fabrics that I auditioned made the quilt so dark, and to me it was bright summer and needed to be light.  I sewed the borders on last night.  It looks so much better than the photo.  I hope I can get a daylight photo of it soon.  I had it hanging sideways on the design wall and rotated the photo so it really isn’t shorter on the left side, just the camera’s perspective.  It is about 64″ x 78″ now.

August recap…………

I had four finishes for August.  The two large ones only needed binding.  I finished one quilt top and was so close to finishing a second one.

Only one dishcloth was finished, one not quite half done.

Here is a larger photo of the two spin wallhangings.  They ended up at about 40.25″ square.

Borders and binding…….

I pressed the quilt top and started auditioning borders.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted a dark one or medium color so I chose 2 and tried them.  Neither of them did anything for me.

Next I chose a Brandon Mably large dot.  I tried the one on the left first and liked it.  I went back to the stash to see what other colors I had in it.  I guess you would call the one on the right ochre and it has charcoal gray dots.  I like that one too.  No decision yet.  I may try a few more fabrics today.

I went out to mow the front yard next.  It was hot but the humidity level wasn’t bad.

When I came back in it was time to get busy on the binding on the two wallhangings.  I got one all done and have started the hand sewing on the second one.  I am determined to have them in my finishes for this month.


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