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Drunkard’s Path progress……………

I put all of the sewn blocks on the design wall.  Then I added some that are just 2 pieces loose on the wall, not sewn.  I added the 3 blocks that aren’t pieced and also added one of the Australian fabrics.  I’m not sure what I will do next, but this isn’t doing anything for me.  I am linking up with the Drunkard’s Path quiltalong.  The logo/link is on my right sidebar.  Check it out to see what everyone else is doing.

The tree across the street has more color every day.  It is also losing its leaves quite fast.

I just had to show this beauty one more time.  I may have to share another photo if it has 5 or 6 full blooms at once.

Stratas sewn………

I took all four sewn stratas after I had pressed them and laid them out to simulate the effect I will get on this quilt.

The next step was to sew the last seam that makes the strata into a tube.  I trim the selvages off to have a straight edge at the left.

Next I cut as many slices as I can get out of the strata.  I usually have to do another straightening cut when I am about half way across the strata.  The next step will be to unpick one seam in each of the tube slices.  I do this at the design wall where I can easily determine which seam to unpick.  

The pink cactus bloom is almost all open.  It seems to be a darker pink than last year.

This colorful tree is in my backyard neighbor’s front yard.  I used the zoom feature to shoot between the branches of my Redbud tree.


Serious sewing…….

I needed a serious sewing project now that all of the good shows are back on TV.  I first chose fabrics for this Trip Around the World on this post back in 2012.  I changed a few of the fabrics a couple months ago.  I needed 4 stratas for the couch quilt size and I have 1 3/4 of them sewn.  Tonight there are 2 shows to watch so I should finish sewing all 4 by the time the news and weather is over.

The tree across the street is looking prettier every day.

This is the view to my right as I stand on my front porch.  The neighbor’s burning bush is a pretty deep pink and mine is a deep red.  There are still asters blooming.

The pink buds are starting to open on this cactus. 

There are only 5 days left to take advantage of the special sale on Lapel Sticks.  Go to this post and scroll to the bottom for the details.

Cutting 2 inch squares………………..

It was a tiring day yesterday so all I wanted to do last night was busy work.  I sewed blocks in the morning for our church sewing circle project, in the afternoon drove 23 miles to church and worked with the ladies for a couple hours and then drove home through a heavy rain storm.  I dropped off 6 bags of clothes at Goodwill on the way home.  Luckily they have a roof over the drop off area so they didn’t get wet unloading my van. 

Drunkard’s Path progress………..

This African fabric required fussy cutting.  The remaining fabric can only be considered scraps.

First I sewed some of the 7″ blocks.  I won’t sew anything together into big blocks at this point.  That will come after playing at the design wall.

I sewed 4 of the 3.5″ blocks too.  It has been about 3 years since I made Drunkard’s Path blocks so I needed some practice with the curves.  

I will be linking up with Vicki’s “Cross the Drunkard’s Path quiltalong”……link button on my right sidebar so you can see what everyone else is making.

Matching pieces…….

I cut 7.5″ strips from some of the African fabrics and then matched some of the batik leftover shapes to the fabrics.  Now I know which shapes to cut from the African fabrics.

This African fabric isn’t printed straight so I decided not to cut a strip and just fussy cut my pieces straight with the print.

My pale pink cactus wants to be first to bloom again.  I had buds on 2 white ones when I brought them in but they fell off one and aren’t getting much bigger on the other one.  I have buds starting on the 2 tone pink and white one too.

The trees are still multicolor.  Not many have turned all the way and some haven’t started turning yet.

A couple offers………..

I have been watching the  2014 RSC October blocks on several blogs that I read.  This month the colors are brown, black and gray.  I have heard several of the people say they don’t have these colors in their collections so I wondered if anybody is interested in buying fat 8ths of these colors.

I am offering 9 fat 8ths (9″ x 21″) in fabrics as shown in these 2 photos.  I can only make 6-8 packs in each of the 2 color groups so this is a limited offering.  The black fabric on the right is a double sided print, and old Gutcheon print from the 1980s.

I have some small pieces in this photo and the next one of which I will add a few into each package as a bonus.

 The mailing envelopes cost me 84 cents each.  I am offering 9 fat 8ths and the mailing envelope for $9.  Postage will be added to this. If anyone is interested in one or both, either comment or email me directly.  As of 10/14, I have one brown pack left if anyone is interested.  Shipping is $3.04.

A lot of people asked me where they could buy Lapel stick when I reviewed it here and here. Keith who created the Lapel Stick is offering
40 Sticks for $50 and shipping is included in North America.That is such a deal.  They would make great gifts for all of your quilting friends, and everyone needs at least two, one for quilting projects and one for the purse for wardrobe emergencies (hems, fly away collars, gaps).  Go here to purchase your Lapel Sticks.  This offer is only good through October 20, 2014.


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